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EU plans for subway metro system until 2020

The Westbank nowadays is separated in three zones A, B and the forbidden C-zone at Jordan river. All zones are again separated inside by forbidden roads and the traffic is blocked by actually 82 checkpoints and more than 600 road blocks (2007).

This separation process will be finished in 2012, finally with 13 small, isolated territories for almost 4 Million Palestinians. They have to be connected by a new traffic system avoiding any contact to the surroundings: a metro subway. Planned and pre-financed by the EU-Commission the tunnels for a long distance subway will guarantee fast, save and free movement in Palestine in the year 2020 (Gaza not included).


A-Line(Express): Nablus-Ramallah-Bethlehem-Hebron-(Gaza)

B-Line: Qalqiliya-Nablus-Jenin

C-Line: Jericho-Ramallah